Frequently Asked Questions

Online pharmacy – by 1MG

No, 1mg helps you connect to the nearest partnered pharmacy that can fulfill your order. We partner with verified pharmacies, which work with registered pharmacists.

The prescription that you provide to us is validated by a team of pharmacists and is then passed on to a pharmacy in your vicinity. The sale of medicines can only be done by a licensed pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist.

We check if a registered medical practitioner has generated the prescription. We then look at the date of visit and duration of medication, to check if the prescription has expired. We also check if the quantity of medicines ordered matches with the prescription

No. After we validate the prescription, our vendor will then confirm the stock availability. We will send you a SMS and email, if we are unable to fulfill some medicines. As a lead generation platform, we only connect you to the pharmacy - which after due verification of credentials and your prescription – may confirm your order.

Yes. As per the government regulations, patient must be in possession of the original prescription at the time of delivery. So keep it handy when our delivery personnel comes to visit you.

Medicine prices vary by geographical location and often change on a day to day basis due to regulations and distributors. The prices listed on our site act as guidance and help you understand if you are paying the right price for your medicines.

The same medicine often comes in different strengths, usually indicated by salt weight. Further they come in different packs, aimed at frequency of usage. Please check for the correct version of the medicine specified by your doctor.

We have many qualified pharmacists onboard who scan thousands of products to provide you the relevant and useful information about your medicines. We periodically review and update the information you use. Please read our Terms & conditions to understand your responsibilities and liabilities.

Substitutes depend on the composition and strength of constituent salts. Substitute are medicines made by other manufactures using the same salt composition as your prescribed medicine .These medicines are often more affordable. Please note that substitutes change with the salt strength, even for same medicine name.

You can cancel your order till we ship it. Orders once shipped cannot be cancelled.

We accept returns if the medicine provided to you does not match your order, or if the medicine is past its expiry date. Please check your orders at the time of delivery and report any return request before you pay our delivery personnel.

The product is being supplied directly by the vendors associated with the Company and the Vendor concerned shall solely be responsible for the authenticity and genuineness of the product so ordered.

Fitness on the go – by Growfitter

A Fitkit is a new kind of fitness membership that lets you enjoy any fitness activity in almost any gym in your city. Members can get access to 350+ fitness centres across India with Fitkit.

  • Pick a class and book - Choose from available classes that suits your fitness regime in your vicinity.
  • Schedule your Class - Pick any activity & schedule at a gym near you at a time of your choice.
  • Get-Sweat-Go - Go to the gym show your voucher and sweat it out.

1 session per day can be booked

Session should be booked at least 3 hours in advance

Cannot be clubbed with any other on going plans/memberships/offer/promotions

Tax Returns - by H&R Block

What better way to handle your Income Taxes filing worries, where a dedicated tax expert prepares and files your Income Tax Returns online? Just register yourself on H&R Block - Expert Tax Preparation Services and :

  • Enter your basic details
  • Upload your tax documents
  • Submit and relax till your tax expert prepares your returns.

After you submit your information, your tax expert information is available in your account. Visit ‘Message my tax expert’ section for the details.

Yes. In an expert tax preparation service your tax expert will always assist you and correct whatever errors you find, which will rarely be there. You can contact her/him through ‘Message my tax expert’ section. It’s an H&R Block promise that if we commit errors, we correct them.

Your tax expert will e-file your Income Tax Return for you once you have reviewed, approved and submitted a request for e-filing. Your ITR-V will be made available for your download and signature in your account. We encourage you to e-verify your ITR and for which we even give detailed guidance on how to do this. However we will also post your signed ITR-V to CPC Bengaluru once we receive it from you.

All you need to do is sign in to your account on H&R Block - Expert Tax Preparation and contact your tax expert for sharing the information. Be assured, your tax expert will consider the eligible claims while preparing your tax returns and also help you get Income Tax refund if you are eligible.

Nutrition - by The Weight Monitor

  1. Register yourself.
  2. Make the payment.
  3. Complete your enrollment.

  1. Complete your Registration Form.
  2. Complete your Medical History Form.
  3. Complete your Lifestyle survey.
  4. Complete your diet history.

  1. You have to update your 'Food Diary' on a daily basis through your profile on
  2. You also have to update your 'Activity Diary' on a daily basis through your profile on
  3. Use the 'Progress Recorder' tab to enter your body measurements on a weekly basis.

  1. Once your enrollment is complete, our team of of nutritionists assisting Ms. Ishi Khosla shall prepare your 'Diet Advise Report' within 24 working hours.
  2. An email notification to you will be sent alerting you about the delivery of your 'Diet Advice Report' on your profile page of
  3. Your 'Diet Advise Report' shall be available to you on your profile page at ' Just click on the 'View Diet Advise' tab to view your report.

  1. Your progress shall be reviewed by a nutritionist on a weekly basis.
  2. Please note that your review can only be done only after you submit your daily 'food' and 'activity' diaries respectively.
  3. Please note your 'Diet Advice Report' will be amended as per need.

  1. During your 3 month program at 'The Weight Monitor', you have unlimited talk time with your nutritionist. Click on the 'Phone a Nutritionist' tab to schedule your call.
  2. You can schedule your calls for 5,10,15,25 minutes per call.

Yes, open up your 'Diet Advice Report' under your profile and click on 'Ask a Question'. You can simply send a message and a nutritionist shall respond within 6 working hours after you send your message.

Yes, you can use our 'Food'O'Meter ' tab to know about the nutritive values of your favorite food.