Say goodbye to your tax worries and make tax filing less taxing
LifeXclusiv in partnership with H&R Block, world's largest tax filer, brings you a simple and secure way to file your tax returns online.

Tax filing categories based on complexity level:

Basic complexity tax filingSingle form 16, Upto 1 house property and interest incomeFREE
Medium complexity tax filingChange of job (Multiple form 16), More than 1 house property and any other source of incomeRs.249 + Applicable Tax
High complexity tax filingCapital gain and abroad incomeRs.699 + Applicable Tax

Steps to filing your tax return:
  • Click on "File you tax return"
  • Fill some basic information
  • Upload your Form-16
  • Your dedicated tax expert calls you to resolve your tax queries
  • Your tax expert then prepares & shares your tax return
  • Your tax expert e-files your return after your review and approval.

What you get:
  • Expert tax preparation
  • Unbelievable prices
  • Earn XP Rewards at all complexity levels